Centrepiece ø 35 cm with Macramè&Limoni Collection

Product to be made on request.
This item is currently unavailable. It is possible however to order it. Our master artisans will create it and decorate it especially for you which is the reason why it will take from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 45 days to be sent to you. Your patience to wait for delivery will be repaid by the splendid item that you will receive and that has been created expressly for yo
Centrepiece with scaloped edge and 3 handles, handcrafted and handpainted with our Macramè&Limoni Collection



This round centrepiece with its scalloped edge and three handles is a truly unique and exclusive item. Placed on a sideboard or in the middle of a dining room table it becomes a precious decor item with its ornamental pattern surrounded by a lacy arabesque in white. Filled with a beautiful composition of fruit it is transformed into a refined and unusual fruit bowl. It would also be a hit as an exclusive gift because of its striking originality.

Product Details

Fruit Bowl
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
593bis/35 LIM/MCRM

Product care

With continual use majolica can develop tiny cracks in the glaze which is the nature of majolica and has no significant effect on the pieces.

Heat Shock and Cracking

Avoid extremes of temperature when using ceramic products as this can cause breakage due to heat shock. This is the cracking that happens when majolica is rapidly heated or cooled.

Our ceramic items are non suitable for use in domestic ovens or in microwave ovens.


Ceramic pieces destined exclusively as furnishing items can sometimes have a painted finish that gives them an “aged” look, this is the time worn “patina”. Cleaning of these pieces must be done with a dry soft cloth without the use of any detergent.

For ceramic items that will be used with food we advise washing either by hand or in a dishwasher at no more than 50 degrees centigrade. Extra care should be taken to place ceramic items at a distance from other items in the dishwasher as contact between various pieces could cause them to chip. Wait till the pieces are thoroughly cooled before removing them from the dishwashe.


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